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San Antonio City Council Passes TLGBQ Non-Discrimination Ordinance - Goes Into Effect IMMEDIATELY!

On Thursday, Sept. 5th the San Antonio City Council added language to their local non-discrimination ordinance that outlawed discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.  The amendment to the ordinance is meant to provide protections to TLGBQ folks in public accommodations (local businesses) and government programs and services.  What is especially great about the San Antonio ordinance,is that it bans all elected and appointed public officials from discriminating and exhibiting bias towards TLGBQ people (and all other protected groups) in any of their official duties and responsibilities.

It has been a long fight to pass this piece of legislation. Of course, there were recriminations claiming people’s religious freedom is being challenged. Additionally, there were some really ugly, but old, trans and gay panic arguments.  Despite this, activists and concerned folks turned out and put pressure where it was needed.  This victory is due to the incredible and persistent work of Latin@/Chican@ TLGB/Queer activists and community folks.  The passage of this ordinance, which could not have passed without Chican@/Latin@ support, is a great testament that Chican@/Latin@ coomunities are any more or less transphobic and homophobic.

With all that being said, government policies/statutes/ordinances are a great tool to have in the arsenal for continued social justice work, BUT they are not the “silver bullet” some wish they were. Often they are not as effective as proponents wish or think they will, and can also have unintended consequences. In the end, I think it is a very good thing that the motion passed, but we have to keep everything in perspective. ¡La lucha sigue! (The fight continues!)

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