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Angry Fact(s)!: 111,000+ and counting…

Since 2006, the rate of being diagnosed with AIDS 12 months or less after testing HIV+ is 3 TIMES GREATER FOR LATIN@S COMPARED TO WHITE PEOPLE.

Also since 2006, the death rate for individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS is 3 TIMES GREATER FOR LATIN@S COMPARED TO WHITE PEOPLE.

Most folks focus the overall disparities in HIV transmission between white folks and people of color, especially black people and Latin@s.  To me, what is even more startling is the relatively short time between when many Latin@s test HIV+ and then receive an AIDS diagnosis.  On top of that, the death rate for Latin@s living with HIV/AIDS is 300% higher than whites.  This just emphasizes the fact that our communities lack access to both HIV prevention services and health care to manage the virus once transmitted (in general, our communities lack access to health care whether we are talking about HIV/AIDS or not).  As of 2008 (since 1986 when data was first collected), over 111,000 Latin@s have died because of HIV/AIDS.  We are dying for this and many other reasons.  Our lives are of equal value to any other human being, this is an absolute, universal (meta)physical fact; question is: when will folks in power get clue and act in accordance with this fact.

**These facts were gained from the Latino Commission on AIDS